• The essence of the Alps.
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The Essence of the Alps

You do things your own way and follow your own path? Instead of following trends you create trends? Always looking for new things, new inspirations? Then you’ve got to drink upsynth! The concept behind the upsynth products picks up on the tradition of blending wormwood with other alpine herbs, but interprets it in a completely new way. Have we piqued your curiosity? One thing is certain: We will provide you with a taste sensation you’ve never experienced before!

I am from Austria

made in the Austrian Alps …


Wormwood, also called artemisia absinthium, is warm and very potent and is the principle master against exhaustion. The active substances in wormwood can be said to stimulate the appetite and the digestion. Besides that, they can be an unfailing source of inspiration.

Alpine herbs

An old saying has it that “there is a herb for every ailment”.


Daily the muse inspires us to create exceptional drinks, which should in turn inspire you!

Immerse yourself in the green world of upsynth.

Kissed by the muse

The mountain is full of things to discover, things which remain hidden to most people. Many a legend has persisted over the years. They are passed from friend to friend, they pread from heart to heart and are shared with one‘s nearest and dearest. This makes them all the more delicious and tantalisingly tempting. Their secrets are whispered by the green fairy. We know all about this. This explains why today, Upsynth is shaking the mountains. Bringing joy to the days. And making long evenings and nights into pleasurable moments. Today as in yesteryear, Alpine herbs are famous for their potent, refreshing effect. In the past, they were valued as home remedies but today they are relished as an amazing source of enjoyment and are sure to bring sophisticated subtlety to modern living. pleasant and unique

  • 1970
  • 1 Jan 70

    The drinks manufactory from the Alps

    Our history starts in the Bregenz Forest. Here we have two top cuisiniers in search of only the very best. The secret recipe handed down by great-grandfather Kaspar Wiese was the starting point for our drinks manufactory. The delicious esults are Upsynth specialities full of interesting ingredients. Christian Greber

  • 1970
  • 1 Jan 70

    Green power from the Alps

    Regionality, creativity, Alpine herbs and vermouth are the basis of our daily work. We are proud of our roots and of what our country and our beautiful region have to offer. As a result we are constantly developing new novel products.

Alpsider green

The aperitif from the alps
refreshing & fruity

Delightfully sweet and fruity, manufactured from traditional Austrian apple cider, an extract from natural alpine herbs and a hint of lemon, Alpsider, the new herbal cider, is sure to provide sparkling moments, like a gentle breeze from the Alps. Alpsider is an excitingly crisp aperitif and, with an alcohol content of only 2.5 %, offers a refreshing alternative to those who prefer to enjoy life without worrying.

Our Alpsider is ready to serve. Enjoy on ice!
Zider - How to serve
Serve cold in white wine glass on ice, refined with mint leaves and lemon. Insider tip for winter months: Simply replace the lemon with an orange slice. Spice these with a clove - the perfect wintery note!
I am available in 750 ml or 200 ml piccolo bottles.
Alpsider Piccolo
•member of the "Innovation Selection 2014" at the SIAL in Paris
•silver medal at the WSWA blind tasting in Florida
SIAL Innovation Medal Zider

Alpsider Red

Alpsider - Aperitif containing Alpine berries
It tastes hellishly good - and heavenly divine

We connoisseurs know what is good. Alpsider containing Alpine berries also has a very good look about it. What we‘ve created here is refreshing and fruity, an amazing combination of pure apple cider from Austria and a choice of wonderful natural Alpine berries. And it is always ready to serve. A full 2,5 % alcohol bring the Alps very very close. It goes without saying that we use 100% natural Austrian ingredients. The pinnacle of good taste!

Our Alpsider with the noble alpine berries is already ready to serve. Just enjoy on ice!
Zider Servierempfehlung
Serve cold in white wine glass on ice, refined with orange slices spiked with cloves or frozen berries.
I am available in 750 ml or 200 ml piccolo bottles.
Alpsider mit Alpenbeeren - Piccolo

Alpsider Ice

The cool drink from the Alps

Alpsider Ice made with refreshing mountain mint Alpsider Ice is made with pure Austrian apple cider and a touch of refreshing mountain mint. It goes without saying that we use 100 % natural Austrian ingredients. Alpsider Ice is cool and refreshing, has only 3,4% alcohol and is always ready to drink.

Enjoy on ice garnished with apple wedges!
Alpsider Ice Servierempfehlung
Packed in the 250 ml aluminum can in the 24er tray.


Spirit made of super herbal spirit
inspiring & unique

Looking for an exciting new indulgence? We have something for you: Alpsinth in its 55 % or 33 % varieties. A truly unique taste experience incorporating 28 alpine herbs awaits you. It contains wormwood, hyssop, cardamom, St Benedict’s thistle and other herbs in a carefully orchestrated blend which gives Alpsinth its balanced flavour in the nose and on the palate, and makes it appropriate for a wide range of uses. The Alpsinth is gently distilled and matured to allow the herbs to develop their full flavour.

Mix yourself an Alpine Mojito. Here you can find the recipe.
Mix yourself an Alpine Daylight. Here you can find the recipe.
silver medal at the WSWA blind tasting in Florida
Spirit Medal

Herbal Energy

The superb herbal enery drink
extraordinary tantalising & refreshing

With the full power of the Alps, our herbal energy drink will awaken your spirits. This exceptional energy drink will come to your aid whenever full concentration is needed. Made with special Alpine herbs, taurine and just hints of lemon, this beverage will refresh and tantalise all your senses so you get the more out of every day and every night.

Mix yourself an Sennen Shot. Here you can find the recipe.


The charm of the pink-red queen!

The Alpen Rose was created under the spell of the Alpenrose. Noble, harmonious and extraordinary in its own way with the aim of bringing the best of the best into the bottle. Now and than, this is our minimum claim. The Alpen Rosé is an elegant, fresh rosé sparkling wine, made from Pinot Gris, Muscat and Dornfeld grapes. The wine was carefully dealcoholized and sterile drawn into the bottle. Alpen Rosé is finely sparkling and convinces with its exotic, spicy fruit and aromas of apricots, nutmeg and ripe grapes. It is characterized by its fruitiness and elegance. With its pink-red color, it enjoys an impressive appearance, like the alpine rose.

Take a Riesling or Champagne glass and put it in the freezer. Take a cooled Alpen Rosé out of the fridge and pour it into the precooled glass and simply enjoy. Perfect as an Aperitif. Full champagne aroma without concern.

The special cocktail-recipes

Let the muse inspire you and create your own incomparable drinks! Here are a few suggestions to get you started:



Alpine Fizz

Alpine Daylight

Alpine Mojito

Alpine Espresso

Sennen Shot

Bull Shot

Alpine Shot

Made in the Austrian Alps.

Are you ready for upsynth? Give it a try now!

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The upsynth family gets bigger every day. Do you put a high value on Austrian quality and are you looking for something unique? We are happy to adopt you.

Not only we and our upsynth-family members are convinced of the quality, the taste and the creativity of our products - we have already fascinated juris of several international competitions.

SIAL Innovationspreis Zider Medaillie Spirit Medaillie

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